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Mary Ann Cappiello and Erika Dawes
Incorporating Text Sets into Elementary and Middle School Classrooms

Tuesday, April 8th – 3pm Cemtral time

Presented by Dr. Mary Ann Cappiello and Dr. Erika Dawes

Watch the RecordingDr. Capiello and Dr. Dawes' Titlewave List

The Common Core Standards require students to read across multiple texts in ever increasingly sophisticated ways. This is both an exciting and challenging time for teachers who seek to integrate children's literature and various other multimedia texts into their teaching of literacy and the content areas. The presenters will share their approach to teaching with text sets, addressing: the definition of a text set; an overview of their process for creating text sets; and examples of various models for using text sets at different grade levels.

Grade Level/Interest Range: K-8

Webinar Resources


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