Judith David

Manager of Classroom Products & Services
“We care that students excel and we have many employees who ‘think like a teacher’!”

In addition to her experience as a high school teacher for over 25 years, Judith served on multiple committees and councils and was responsible for developing and writing multiple curriculums and initiatives.

Master's of Education; Educational Leadership
Bachelor's of Secondary Education

My thoughts on the impact of Common Core

I think both teachers and students who were accustomed to a curriculum that stressed coverage over depth of study will have trouble with Common Core's emphasis on depth breadth over coverage. Another area that may be troublesome will be the emphasis on developing strong argument, persuasive writing, backed up by serious research. Many teachers and curriculums stressed narrative writing over informational and argument. A third problem will be the students who are not proficient at grade level in reading and writing for whatever reason, ESL/ELL, special needs, learning disabilities. This will be especially problematic for older students who will be expected to attain grade level skills, but who are currently at below level proficiencies.