Textbook Management: Calculate Your Savings

Use the calculator to the right to add up your district's potential gain from more efficient textbook management.
You will discover:

  • Your current textbook status
  • The cost of your lost textbooks
  • Potential savings from reducing the number of lost textbooks
  • The cost of your excess inventory
  • Overall savings

1. Fill out the calculator to view your current textbook status and how much you could be saving.
Total number of students:
Average number of textbooks per student
(usually 5-6):
Average cost of a textbook ($50-$60):
What percent of your textbooks are lost annually?
(average is 2-8%)
By how much would your district like to reduce its textbook losses? (Average is 30%)
What percent of excess/surplus textbooks exist in your district? (usually at least 2.5%)