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Our goal is to inspire, motivate, and encourage every school to connect its library program and professionals with all areas of education. We're sharing our mission with educational leaders everywhere, determined to shed light on strong libraries while helping others find the best solutions to questions about technology, digital content and effective teaching and learning.

We established a Librarian Leadership Committee that developed the Future Ready Framework designed to define and prepare any librarian for a future ready world.

Future Ready Framework

Download the Future Ready Framework [PDF] >>

Who we are: As part of Project Connect, we address critical educational challenges by promoting future ready innovation and sharing progressive, exemplar models around school libraries and librarianship.

What do we do: Identify and promote innovative models of school libraries and librarianship to district leaders, librarians and teachers and cultivate powerful library and school leadership through exemplars and resources.

How will we do it:
Articulate clear and simple solutions to educational challenges
Cultivate networks and partnerships to promote innovative thinking about libraries
Provide exemplars and resources
Develop self assessment system
Explore systems to provide micro credentialing for future ready librarians

Why now? Increasing challenges around digital literacy, information literacy, curriculum, multiple literacy’s impact our students and teachers. We must respond to the FutureReady needs of today’s classrooms.

Who is our audience?



The following challenges are met through instructional partnerships and professional development in which the librarian models, teaches and leads.

Professional development

Definition: Process of improving and increasing capabilities of staff through access to education and training opportunities in the educational setting.

Librarian's Role: Lead and implement ongoing and sustained professional development for teachers and staff in all areas.

Example: Train educators on productive Digital Citizenship techniques they can model in their classroom.

Instructional partnership

Definition: Building educator capacity through collaboration and partnership.

Librarian's role: Collaborating with educators to integrate information literacy and innovative practices; working side-by-side with teachers from planning, to delivery of instruction, to assessment and evaluation.

Example: Co-teach a unit on the Revolutionary War using primary sources including creation of a works cited.

Digital citizenship

Definition: Cultivating productive, safe, and responsible citizens in a digital world.

Librarian's role: Model, teach, and lead educators and students.

Example: Partnering with counselor to teach students about cyber-bullying.

Curriculum and technology integration

Definition: Leveraging digital tools to re-define instructional practices.

Librarian's role: Model effective integration across content areas for discovery, analysis, creation and presentation of learning.

Example: Introducing tools such as Kahoot as a game-based formative assessment tool in the classroom.

Information literacy

Definition: The ability to find, evaluate, apply, and create information, ideas and products.

Librarian's role: Lead and promote the critical consumption and use of information. Partner with teachers and students to convey and develop the skills and tools necessary.

Example: Partner with 6th grade language arts teacher to teach how to cite sources when researching.

Content access and curation

Definition: Ensuring access to up-to-date, balanced and aligned digital and print resources.

Librarian's role: Locate, evaluate and recommend quality content aligned to the curriculum.

Example: Publish the best digital content to answer the essential questions for a 4th grade science unit.

Reading and literacy advocacy

Definition: Leading students to read to meet their personal and academic needs and interests.

Librarian's Role: Matching students with tools to discover reading material.

Example: Engage students by creating book trailers.

Learning space design/making and building (4C's - Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication)

Definition: The creation of and implementation of a physical space and program which supports student exploration, learning, and creation.

Librarian's role: Design, innovate, coordinate and lead in a learning space/learning commons/makerspace environment to engage and empower student learners.

Example: Implementing makerspace/STEM activities that integrate with the classroom curriculum.


Definition: Providing and enabling access to abundant resources for all students.

Librarian's role: Supporting, enabling and promoting access for all students.

Example: Library purchases and provides wireless access points for families.

What do you think? Share your thoughts on what makes a Future Ready Librarian.

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