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Educators around the world trust Follett School Solutions, Inc. to provide expert content, technical solutions and customer support to PreK-12 libraries, classrooms, learning centers and school districts. We distribute books-both new and pre-owned, reference materials, digital resources, eBooks, and audiovisual materials. We are a leader in providing integrated educational technology that helps our customers manage physical and digital assets; the tracking, storing and analysis of academic data; and digital learning environment tools for the classroom that focus on student achievement.

How We Can Help

As the primary supplier to PreK-12 schools and districts, we partner with educators to offer the innovative products they need to transform learning. Because of the breadth and depth of our expertise, Follett offers unique insight to educators, and we are able to customize our suite of solutions to suit any need. Browse videos, testimonials, success stories and in-depth case studies to discover what we can do for you.

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Working Together

The educational marketplace is constantly in flux. Let us help you keep up. Subscribe to popular newsletters and blogs for the latest trending topics in education. And join us in the Follett Community, the first-of-its-kind online professional development community for educators-designed to help you make connections, form groups, chat about trending education topics and Follett products, and share lesson plans.

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We believe that part of being a partner with our educators is interacting with them. Whether through a webinar or local events, we want to see and hear from you. And, if you can't make the scheduled time, you can still hear all the exciting news through a replay of one of our many podcasts and webinars.

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About Follett

Follett Corporation is a $2.7 billion privately held company that provides products, services and solutions to the educational marketplace. Founded in 1873, Follett Corporation is headquartered in Westchester, Illinois.

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